How to install the garbage disposer

install-waste-disposerAll the modern models of the waste disposers are relevantly easy to be installed. You will either be installing a garbage disposal by yourself or you will have to call the service provider. In this article we shall try to briefly review how to install garbage disposal yourself. You may already have some disposer, which you probably want to replace with the newer model which will be more powerful and less noisy. Probably you never had any kitchen waste disposers and you are fed up with the bad smell from the waste bin and also you would like to save some money for garbage transportation and also use more ecologically friendly scheme of food waste disposing.

If you want to replace the old disposer you would have first to uninstall the old one. Before starting any works you have to switch off the electricity supply of the disposer. Also, remember that disposers are quite heavy, so when taking off the old one you would have to put some things, on which the old disposers would stand, like for example couple of books or magazines. You would also need some basic instruments like screwdrivers, knife, wrench and pliers for the simple adjusting, fixing and loosing actions. If you are just replacing the disposer, you most probably would not have to take away the mounting. Most of the disposals are cross compatible with any mountings. In case if you did not have any disposals installed you would have to fix the new system to the holder, which includes the flange of the sink and the mounting, which consists of upper and lower mountain rings from both sides of the sink hole.


So, first you need to press the flange of the sink to the putty. Then, it’s better to ask someone to hold the flange while you are fixing the mountings underneath the sink. You’ll have to slide the gasket and clip the ring of the sleeve. Then after that you’ll have to fix the mounting ring with the screws. Then you have to connect the electricity through the cord. For that you’ll need to remove the plate which covers the wires underneath the garbage disposer and connect the white wire with the white one in the cord, black wire to the black one and the green one to the green in the electric cord.

After connection the wires should be placed inside the electric box and the plate should be then placed back.
Most of the waste disposers are supplied with dish washing machine connection pipe, so if you need to connect it, you should use the pipe and fix the machine to it.

To install the garbage disposer unit itself, you should carefully take it, as it is quit heavy and attach it to the lowest mounting ring by fixing it until all of the rings will be locked and fixed. After that you have to connect the disposer to the tube, using the screws and gaskets. Make sure that all the pieces of the pipe, tube and the disposer are connected properly and there are no leaks.